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Returns & Exchanges Policy

QuicKart Policy ensures assured seller refund / replacement to you on specific products when you return / seek replacement (within 2 calendar days from delivery). You shall also be eligible for refund upon successful cancellation of the product prior to delivery.

The products will be eligible for return / refund / replacement if specifically provided for in the Product detail Page.


Before accepting shipment of any product, please ensure that the packaging of the product is not damaged or tampered. If the package is damaged or tampered with, we request you to deny delivery. We assure refund on such rejected delivery or non-delivery. If you choose to accept the product, you will do it at your own risk.


  • Returns for refunds or replacements must be requested on the My Order page within 2 calendar days of delivery of the product.
  • Returns will be arranged through a logistic service partner. However, if the logistic service partner is unable to do so, then a notification will be sent to you to send the product using a reputed courier to your respective area at the address mentioned in the notification. Freight charges for such products will be given to you upon successful receipt of the product and verification of the same.
  • Returns are subject to verification and investigation to determine the validity of the complaint / return. During pick-up, your product must check for the following conditions :

    Correctness : IMEI/ name/ image/ brand/ serial number/ article number/ bar code should match and MRP tag should not be removed and clearly visible.

    Completeness : All in-box accessories (such as remote control, starter kit, instruction manual, charger, headphones, etc.), freebies, warranty / guarantee cards and combos (if any) must be present.

    Non Usage : The product should be unused, unheard, unsold, with no stain, untouched and untouched Quality Check Seal / Warranty Seal (wherever applicable).

    Non-damage (Product) : The product (including SIM tray / charging port / headphone port, back-panel etc.) should be without any scratches, dents, tears or holes.

    Non-damage (Packaging) : The original packaging / brand box of the product should be undamaged.

  • Products may be rejected for refund if they are not returned as per the conditions mentioned above. Products can also be rejected for refund (for refund or replacement). If you are sent directly to the seller without our approval, in this case you waive any and all claims against QuicKart.
  • If the product received does not pass verification and testing, the product will be returned to you
  • You will be issued a refund / replacement only after the product is received and verified.
  • Replacement is subject to availability of product (size, color, etc.) and is limited to one request.
  • If the replacement product is out of stock, a refund will be initiated.
  • If the price of the replacement product is less than the amount you originally paid, you will be issued a partial refund provided.
  • Password / lock products must be unlocked / disabled
  • Products that store personal information must be returned after deleting all personal information. QuicKart shall not be responsible in any manner for any misuse or use of such information.
  • Products sold as a combo / set cannot be replaced or returned individually
  • Products must be carefully packed so that there is no damage during transit
  • QuicKart will not be responsible for accidentally returned products. In situations where a seller-related product or transaction is not made through QuicKart, accidentally returned, QuicKart or the seller will not be responsible for the displacement or replacement of the product and will not be responsible for its delivery. You waive any and all claims against QuicKart in this regard.


  • We reserve the right to impose such charges as it is necessary to reimburse the expenses of delivery and pick-up if we see that you have a transaction history of repeated returns.
  • If we repeatedly see the transaction history of returns, we reserve the right to disqualify products for return or return or replacement.
  • We can also notify that you have withdrawn the pickup facility for returns, in which case, you will have to bear your own expenses and logistics to return the product to the seller.
  • The liability and risk of such returns will be on you to establish your claim for returns. Refunds will be initiated for returned products or replacements only if they pass the conditions mentioned above. If the product received fails to undergo verification and testing, the product will be returned to you, for which you will have to bear the cost.


Shipping charges are owned in following case :

Customer : If delivered product same as ordered & customer wants to return this then shipping charges will be charged by customer.

Seller : If delivered product is not same as ordered i.e. size, quantity, quality issue & customer wants to return this then shipping charges will be charged by seller.

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