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Food Products

Food is the source of life, and our whole life revolves around it. Every living organism needs food products to survive, and you can get your essential food items delivered to you from online shopping websites. From breakfast cereals and energy bars to pulses and spices, online stores are the one-stop destination for all your grocery needs. On e-stores, you can easily find confectionery products, edible oil, ready-meals and mixes, dairy products, food combos, jams and marmalade, vegetables, noodles, soups, dry fruits, namkeens, biscuits, aerated drinks, teas, coffees, rice, pickles, chocolates, fruits, herbs and seasonings, eggs, meats, seafood, paneer, sweets, bakery products, and milk powder, among many other edibles that are needed in your kitchen to eat healthy, homemade food. On online grocery stores, you can use filters to find the products that you need or use the search bar to find the products that your kitchen is missing. These stores are the best places to find all the products offered by various brands. There is also product information related to their ingredients, user reviews, and ratings that you can check before placing your order. You can also compare the prices of different food products before making a purchase. So, log on to your favorite e-store, and buy groceries while chilling on your couch.

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  • This is a Vegetarian product.
    • Pomegranate. Loved by all. Misspelled by all. Precious rubies of respite on a hot day.
    • Powerhouse of nutrients. Ma’s best friend. And your white shirt’s worst enemy.
    • We do not add any preservatives or added colors, GMO.
    • Country of Origin: India
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  • This is a Vegetarian product.
    • Native nuts are richer in Electrolytes than the hybrid ones. The minerals play several important roles in our body, including maintaining proper fluid balance.  Minerals that are present in coconut water are potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium.
    • We pack our drink with top quality Pharma grade machines.
    • We chill the coconut water at 4C and then bottle it with 5PPM nisin (bio-preservative as per statutory requirement).
    • The sealed bottle goes through an incubation period to check for microbial growth, seal defects and only after each bottle passes the quality test, we pack them ready to be served to our customers.
    • A note to our dearest consumers – The taste of the coconuts we use can vary widely from crop to crop, through the year. So we add a teeny-weeny bit of sugar (less than half a tea spoon; <1%) to our drink to give you a consistently better taste experience. This is a specific variety of coconut from the quaint town of Pollachi, which though slightly expensive to source, is the best tasting and most nutritious in India. We always strive to bring you the best. Mummy promise.
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Flavor : Coconut
    • Shelf Life: 9 Months
    • Container Type : Plastic Bottle
    • Added Preservatives
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    Store:  QuicKart Pantry
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